KIWIFM Live Show – August 2011

As part of the awesome support we’re getting from KIWIFM in promoting Known Associates , Grant & Warren played 3 acoustic tracks off the album , live in the studio on the Fleur Jack IAN show . Here’s the clip : Profile

A nice bit of band profiling by the website in their 17 July outpourings :

Known Associates What inspired you to start Known Associates?The sheer excitement of recording an album with a kick-arse live band. How do you describe Known Associates’ music? Using some of our fans reference points: It’s like ‘Bob Dylan’ joined […]

Ponsonby News

Some more great promo support from the best local mag in the business . Thanks to Martin & the team for the ongoing support :

KNOWN ASSOCIATES : RELEASE THEIR DEBUT ALBUM PENNY LOVE Known Associates are a new local supergroup comprising 4 well established Auckland musicians. Their debut album “Penny Love “ has just […]

Our tribute to Sophie, finds its way home !!

Dear Warren,

I would like to say a BIG thank you for dedicating the song ‘Mercy’ to our beloved daughter and sister Sophie. This is a moving tribute to someone who loved music and would have said ‘awesome’ but been very humbled by this gesture and the story behind this with your attendance at […]


Our first official single release will be “Mercy” on itunes/amplifier ( release date July 4 ) This will be promoted as a free download on

Tony Walker has also done a new cover for the single ( attached ) – thanks brother !

Worth special mention here is Corey Goode AKA ( Associate of […]

KIWIFM – more,more support

Go KIWIFM – currently the principle radiowave supporters of Known Associates . To add to the support already received from Graham Reid & Andrew Fagan, we now have some serious exposure coming up in August , c/o 7-9pm show host Fleur Jack . Grant & I will doing a “live to air” acoustic session ( […]

Track 2 : “Mercy”

A bit of publicity c/o Mike Alexander at the Sunday Star-Times who is a big fan of track 2 “Mercy” . Cheers Mike .

Auckland band Known Associates have dedicated the track Mercy on their debut album Penny Love to the woman who was murdered by ex-boyfriend Clayton Weatherston.

The band’s […]

KIWIFM – more support

We’ve now added Andrew Fagan ( of ex Mockers fame ) to our fanbase . – favourite album tracks being Waning Moon & Broken Man . “Waning Moon” will be added to his night-time show playlist on KIWIFM – cheers Andrew , appreciate the support



Singer-songwriter and guitarist Warren Cate has released four albums under his own name since the mid Nineties — bristling with rock’n’roll firepower and great songs — but for his new venture he and longtime bassist/guitarist Andrew Buckton (also of Delta and owner of […]



Debut Album – “Penny Love”

Known Associates is an Auckland 4 piece rock band , who’s debut album “ Penny Love “ is due for release 1 June 2011.

Band members are all well established kiwi musicians , with outstanding credentials :

Mike Franklin-Browne DRUMS

With bands like , Pluto , Head like […]