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Its the local support that really helps sometimes and good on the “Ponsonby News” , our iconic inner city publication for giving the latest album a good old plug ( see below ). Thanks to Martin Leach & the team .

And added to this support is the Ponsonby ” Video Source ” store which has added the CD to its counter sales . So pick one up for that difficult xmas present and grab a video from the owner Shayne McCauley while your there ( old Resene building – cnr O’Neill St ). Anything you want to know about movies –  he’s your man ……. cheers Shayne  .


Ponsonby resident Warren Cate released his fourth CD – ‘The
Reparation Tapes’ in October which was recorded in a basement
warehouse studio in College Hill. If you’re a regular listener to Kiwi
FM you may have already heard some of the tracks.
Recorded over 2008/09, these tracks are an eclectic slice of kiwi songs, featuring
contributions from many fi ne Auckland musicians. The album has an alt-country fl avour
and fl ows from mellow acoustic ballads to brooding blues and rock.
All songs were written, recorded and produced by Warren Cate over a 12 month
period. With a warehouse setup as recording central, the entire project was performed
here. Mixing and mastering were completed at Studio 203 by long time collaborator
Andrew Buckton, recently awarded ‘Engineer of the Year’.
Warren plays various guitars and bass and all vocals, along with invaluable help on this
album, from members of three Auckland bands:
The Groovediggers: (Gavin Cate- drums/percussion and Grant Wills – lead guitar)
The De-Sotos: (Paul gurney – mandolin/BV’s and Erwin Van Asbeck – percussion) and
No Quarter; (Dave Arrowsmith – bass , Preston Braun – drums)
This album is self funded and released under Warrens own label – Warcat Records.
The CD is available at Rythmn Compact Discs, Three Lamps. For further information
on Warren, his lyrics and his music – www.warrencate.com PN

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