New Album – Known Associates

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Mike - Andrew - Warren - Grant

Mike - Andrew - Warren - Grant

The 2010 winter has seen a new batch of songs ( yep – the best yet !! ) thrown in front of an absolutely stonking live band . Recorded again at the Bunker , the desire with this one was to capture a really live vibe to the songs with the 4 of us all recorded at once – no overdubs except the final vocal . One night per song was the routine and the Wednesday night pizza/beer/recording sessions were just fantastic- pure creativity and so many laughs.

It was such a pleasure to play with this group of musicians . Mike Franklin- Browne , surely NZ’s best drummer , laid a relentless pace , woven with rhythmic genius and long time collaborator Andrew Buckton bore down on this with just the best bass playing I have ever heard from him . On top of this rhythm section was where lead guitarist Grant Wills played his magic – from searing lead lines and crunching rock riffs to the subtlest of textures .

Playing guitar and singing with these guys was just wicked . Look out 2011 when the new album should be released . Coming out under the new band name Known Associates – it will be killer !!!

I’ve attached the demo from our first nights recording , a rockabilly number called ” Tell me its allright ” – its a great little teaser for the album to come .ENJOY !!

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