Debut Album – “Penny Love”

Known Associates is an Auckland 4 piece rock band , who’s debut album “ Penny Love “ is due for release 1 June 2011.

Band members are all well established kiwi musicians ,  with outstanding credentials :

Mike Franklin-Browne DRUMS

With bands like , Pluto , Head like a Hole , Nightchoir and The Stereo Bus in his resume , Mike is one of NZ’s best drummers , a tour de force on-stage and in the studio .

Andrew Buckton BASS

An acclaimed engineer/producer ( 2009 Engineer of the Year ) and owner of Auckland’s Studio 203 . Andrew is also a multi-talented musician, in bands like Delta and Ekko Park .


One of NZ’s leading rock/blues guitar exponents , with years of live and studio work and  product endorsements ( eg Marshall , Line6 ) . Grant also has his own range of kiwi guitar pedals ( G2D ) to his credit .


An established indie songwriter, with 4 solo albums now to his credit . It’s Warren’s take on the kiwi experience , that forms the basis of the band’s songs.


Its winter 2010 , an underground bunker in Ponsonby , Auckland .

A private music studio , permanently setup for live band recording .

Twelve Wednesday nights , four inspired musicians , beer , pizza , passion and laughs . From the first night we just cooked , amazing , feels like a supergroup .

Everyone finding a musical escape from everything else in their life .

No rules , except , one song per night and we don’t stop till we got it .

No overdubs or layered tracking – this is all about playing live together ,the excitement you get the first time you really crack that song.

It’s creative , it’s collaborative , it’s all in the moment .

Songs have been written , a simple demo , just guitar & vocals , then the rearrangements start .

Ideas and inspiration fire off the walls , some adopted , some shot down in flames .

Well deserved ego’s , all left at the door, as humour and the greater good take over. Only vocals added later , an audio necessity given the bleed in the room .

AND then there’s the human sideline :

Wasn’t easy to get everyone there some nights, three of the four guys ( Mike , Andrew & Warren ) have pregnant wives at home – hormones , sleeplessness and beer , hell of a  musical cocktail . All 3 end up having boys , all firstborns , all within a few months over the recording ….. I’d like to see that band in 20 years time !

Its toughest on Mike , he was first and it wasn’t any easy one , no sleep at all , think he was playing on pure adrenalin some nights . Grant , already a dad of two , always there with wicked advice for the road ahead . But we did it !

 Knocked out some killer tracks in an atmosphere that was pure inspiration. We capture that feeling in the music, you could taste it some nights .

Warren :


I found myself at a graduation ceremony in Dunedin a little while back. The town hall was packed to the rafters, it’s a big thing in a Uni town  Suddenly the place went deathly quiet, people around me were crying and there was a two minute silence , followed by the granting of a posthumous degree . I had no idea who Sophie Elliott was, but it left a mark on me.

Then came the court case, made for TV stuff, the beautiful girl, the brutality, the farcical provocation defence and all in good old ,white , middle class NZ . But it was the images of Clayton Weatherston that haunted me, the total denial, the premeditated evil and delusion of the guy .

Along with a large slice of NZ, I hated him. I thought about being in a country that had the death penalty. Part of me  wanted to take this guy out the back paddock and put a bullet in his head.

“Mercy” is a song that grapples with those feelings, and is dedicated to Sophie Elliott.



A classic kiwi expression that describes to me, the drag yourself up and start again attitude, that this country is so well known for in times of hardship.

The recession years have formed a large part in inspiring songs on this album. Financial loss ( Wishbone City , Made of Blue ) , betrayal ( Show Me ) , hurt ( Broken Man , Dark Sword ) , reassurance ( Tell me its alright )

– it’s been a tough few years for New Zealanders .


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