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Some more great promo support from the best local mag in the business . Thanks to Martin & the team for the ongoing support :

Known Associates are a new local supergroup comprising 4 well established Auckland musicians. Their debut album “Penny Love “ has just been released and was recorded in ‘the Bunker’ , a private studio in College Hill . The band was formed around the songs of Ponsonby resident Warren Cate ( guitar and vocals ), who is joined by Mike Franklin-Browne ( drums ), Andrew Buckton ( bass ) and Grant Wills ( lead guitar ) . Music style is hard hitting blues rock with a live swagger and lyrics that are meant to be heard .
The intention on this album was to capture as live a vibe as possible and to steer well away from programmed or layered up music . This album captures the excitement of a live band playing together , with all tracks being recorded together in one take and only vocals added later .
Band members are all involved in separate areas of the music business , Mike being a professional drummer in 4 bands at last count , Andrew running his own successful music studio ( Studio 203 ) in Symonds St and Grant amongst other things having his own brand of electric guitar pedals ( G2D ) . Warren still has a day job – a reality for many kiwi muso’s .
A nice human sideline was also underway during the recording of this album with 3 of the 4 members all having pregnant wives at home . A combination of hormones , sleeplessness and beer made for a powerful musical cocktail for the nightime recordings . By the time the album was finished , there were 3 new boys , all firstborns , to add to the album credits .
The new album is available at Rhythm Compact Discs in Three Lamps or on itunes for download . For album/band details check out www.knownassociates.co.nz

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